CIMC shares insight on quality growth at the 3rd China Quality Conference[ return ]


On December 5, the 3rd China Quality Conference opened at Shenzhen. Jointly organized by the State Administration for Market Regulation, the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government under the theme of “Quality, Evolution & Sharing”, the international event is the highest-level quality conference held by the Chinese government. CIMC’s Executive Vice President Gao Xiang attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech at the parallel forum “Total Quality Management Innovation & Development in Digital Era”.

In the speech with the title CIMC’s Road of Quality-oriented Development, Gao shared with the attendees basic facts, high-quality development achievements and CIMC’s quality values. According to Gao, CIMC is a world’s leading logistics equipment and energy equipment supplier and one of the first group of joint ventures established at the beginning of China’s reform and opening-up practice. Over the past 40 years, the Group has achieved remarkable high-quality development achievements. Competing with the rivals worldwide since the inception, CIMC has made initial success in its global operations, upgraded from traditional manufacturing business to the creation of high-end equipment with over 20 products ranking first in the world in terms of output and sales volume. In addition, CIMC and its member companies have won mayor quality awards for multiple times. The speech met with a positive reaction from the attendees.    

Gao pointed out that the extraordinary achievements that CIMC has made during its high-quality development are attributable to: firstly, the inborn pursuit of quality excellence is the cornerstone of CIMC’s quality values characterized by the “Contribution to Customer’s Success”; secondly, CIMC has developed the quality values that product quality excellence is as important as moral brilliance in fierce market competition; thirdly, CIMC has been sticking to the “LEAN ONE” management model featuring that “Optimization is Never Ending”; fourthly, CIMC focuses on intelligent logistics and speeds up the innovation of products and the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing; fifthly, CIMPC improves the management skill and total risk control and management system with the disclosure of ESG information.

In the meantime, Gao said that as the world is progressing to the digital and intelligent era, CIMC has strategically shifted its focus to intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing. With the launch and promotion of a series of intelligent manufacturing upgrading campaigns, CIMC has not only lowered costs, increased efficiency, but also consolidated its world’s leading position for the provision of products with trusted and respected quality, improved the core competitiveness of businesses, and grown into an advanced manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing specialist from a traditional manufacturing enterprise. “In the future, CIMC will continue its globalization efforts, and respond magnificently to new challenges and opportunities in the digital and intelligent era. With strenuous transformation and upgrading efforts and continuous excellence operation endeavors, the Group will be taking great strides along the path of healthy, sustainable and high-quality growth and contributing to the high-quality growth of national economy and global economy”, noted Gao.