Rocket Carrier

Long March series carrier rocket is the key project of National 863 Program and the success transportation to the launching station is vital link of the whole project. After further study and research, the containerized intermodal transportation solution CIMC Nantong & Taicang Base brought up were well-received and unanimously approved by the project experts. The rocket carrier designed for Core Level One is of 36 meter length, 6.6 meter width and 6.3 meter height. The extraordinary dimension and special internal circumstances requirement presented new challenge to the capability of designing, FEA, manufacturing, quality control, testing, logistics and other aspects of CIMC Nantong & Taicang Base. The base combined all its resource link by link, and finally achieved successful testing in one time. Moreover, the distortion of lifting test matched the initial evaluation of the FEA calculation. The strong design and analysis capacity along with our splendid manufacture and quality control system are highly recognized and commended by Long March Carrier Rocket research team as ‘The product quality of CIMC is as reliable as China Aerospace ‘.