Airbus Platform

In May 2007, Airbus transferred the A320 series plane assembly line to Tianjin city of China while the best way to deliver all the German-made components to Tianjin factory is container liner. How to assure in-time delivery of the extra-large and odd-shaped cargo became a big problem for the client. In December 2007, CIMC Nantong & Taicang Base set up a professional team for the Airbus project to solve the transportation difficulties, such as weight difference between plane head and body, the bumps of long-term shipment, the locking of the plane parts on the container and etc. The team has successfully thrashed out the safe, reliable and cost-saving solution, and finally brought up the modular ocean platform solution after exhaustive study and verification. Together with the hard work of R&D team, manufacture, quality-control and logistics departments of CIMC Nantong & Taicang Base, the products were completed and delivered in only one year. In July 2008, the container liner, loaded with aircraft parts on the 70 new-built modular platforms, smoothly sailed from Hamburg Port to China. So far, these Airbus platforms are still served for Airbus in good condition. CIMC Nantong & Taicang Base fulfilled its mission of creating the equipment and service for the modern transportation industry. With the triumph of containerized transportation solution for the huge Airbus plane parts as also the first time in the global shipping industry, CIMC Nantong & Taicang Base created the new history. The reliance and praise from the client is the best payback of our lasting pursuit of excellence.