Environmental Container

To express the clear conception ‘Better City, Better life’ of Shanghai World EXPO and show the world a beautiful and neat city, CIMC Nantong & Taicang Base has successfully developed the anti-seep and automatic load/unloading garbage container for urban garbage transportation. The garbage container has successfully interfaced with various related equipment in the garbage transfer processing system, such as multi types of related vehicles, ships, cranes, garbage compressors, etc. By cooperating with the vehicle-mounted mechanism, it has realized automatic door opening and load/discharge of garbage and avoided the leaking during the movement, effectively preventing the ‘secondary pollution’ compare with traditional garbage transportation with greatly improved efficiency.

After various technical study and research, prototype container evaluation contests, test and field-real demonstrations, CIMC Nantong & Taicang Base finally stood out among many suppliers and was recognized by the project expert group of Shanghai Chengtou Group and produced near 4,000 units for the project. This project fully reflects the R&D capabilities of CIMC Nantong & Taicang Base, after which Shanghai Chengtou Group has taken the initiative to establish an Industry-University-Research collaboration strategic partnership with us in the region of urban solid waste transportation.