Railway Container
As exclusive or major strategic partner of many overseas national railway companies, CIMC Nantong & Taicang Base has developed approximately 100 types of special containers and logistics equipment applying for various railways and inland operating mode in Europe, North America, Australia, Japan, Russia, India and etc. since 1997.

CIMC Nantong & Taicang Base has been participating in the R&D of most of Chinese railway containers since year 2000, such as super-large car carrier, folding timber containers, dry bulk containers, steel coil carriers, large-volume grain containers, alumina bulk containers, 1.5T containers, 35T general-purpose containers, 35T open top containers and 45' 34T general-purpose containers. Up to now, CIMC Nantong & Taicang Base, providing more than 150,000 units of containers and logistics equipment for China Railway, is the main contributor to the development of China intermodal transportation and railway containerization. As the only enterprise beyond the national railway system, CIMC Nantong & Taicang Base participated in the drafting of China Railway Corporation enterprise standard - "Series 2 Container 20' 35t Open-top Container" (Q/CR 625-2017).