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Name:Calcium Formate
Molecular Formula:Ca(CHOO)2
Molecular Weight:130.12
A:Properties:It is white or little yellow crystalline power, no visible impurities,slightly soluted in water.Slightly bitter smell,non-toxic and non deliquescent.
B Application: It is mainly used in Construction materials(concreting fast、lubricant、early strength agent for cement) and feed supplement.Suitable for all kinds of animals. Calcium formate has acidification, mouldproof, antibacterial functions. also widely used in leather, wear-resisting material floor coating and fertilizer, pharmaceutical drugs and so on.
C:Package: A woven bag with plastic inner ,25±0.2kg net each.
D:Quality standard:Q/BGX02-2012
Composition Index
98.5%min 98%min 95%min
Calcium formate %≥
98.5 98 95
Ca content,wt. %≥
30.01 30.01 30.00
Moisture %≤
0.5 1.0 1.05
PH of 10% water solution  
6.5-7.5 6.5-7.5 6.5-8
Water insoluble, wt. %≤
0.1 0.2 0.3
Heavy metals (Pb),wt. %≤
0.002 0.002 0.003
As %≤
0.002 0.002 0.002